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South Phoenix Oral History Project

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Beginning in Fall 2017, a group of students, faculty, and researchers from South Mountain Community College began an oral history project, documenting the lives and stories of South Phoenix residents. Since then, research has been gathered for the purposes of celebrating the rich history of South Phoenix, and the local community college.

For the purposes of this project, I will be archiving and recalling my experiences and observations as a researcher, while also collecting and providing relevant sources for fellow educators.

In the next pages that follow, sources, articles, and lesson plans both compiled and created will be shared for researchers involved in this project, as well as fellow educators who hope to complete similar collections with their students and local communities.

1 – Getting Started: What is Oral History?
2 – How to Start: Sequencing Oral Histories

4 – Introducing Background Research
5 – Consent: Protecting Your Narrator

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